Compliance Certification can reduce the risk associated with unauthorized access and adhere to stringent government and industry regulations. As the number of users and identities grow and their access needs change, your business may be compromised by users with inappropriate access rights. Make sure security concerns do not have a negative impact on your business.

Users should be granted only the access privileges necessary to perform their job. Compliance Certification enables system administrators to review and certify user access rights using language, which could be understood by a layman and enables these users to take necessary action when they identify access rights which are inconsistent with company’s policies. This calls for validating each and every function in the organization and polishing the roles and responsibilities in tune with the systems.

Compliance Certification will help you in:

The automation of analysis and management of access rights of different users, using job responsibilities and entitlementsbased on their job descriptions

Changing, revoking or deletingexcess rights without requiring a provisioning engine, or any manual intervention, since, it is completely an automated process

Demonstrating compliance sin consonance with business policies for internal auditors, compliance regulators and other stakeholders.

Complying with the globally accepted information Security and General Controls


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